Octopus Jig

With a Nano 36 Ton graphite rod blanks our Preditator series rods are lighter, stronger and more durable with an enhanced casting distance providing a more in-tune feel for what the lure is doing.

From $24 to $27

Something for Everyone

This is pure fish fighting power and is as light as feather, which assists in making a huge difference when fishing all day. The cosmetics of the Preditator are somewhat different to their baby cousin the SL Slayer, the Preditator has full Nano carbon/graphite, with a fore grip in front of the reel enabling more force and power with increased control.

Material Matters

This range comes with TS aluminium oxide eyelets, ceramic guides, stainless reel seats coated with K carbon, and custom shaped split EVA grips.

Charged Up and Ready

Try any one of these rods and you will not want to go back to another. The SL Slayer are your first girlfriend. You will want to make this range your wife!

Octopus Jig

From $24 to $27

Octopus Jig
1 × REEL XD 4000


These little Lures are one of the best known secrets. Similar to the snapper snatcher, but weighted perfectly for all occasions, whether you are anchored up at rest and just want an artificial bait hanging while your other baits are out wider, or drifting deep for that prized kingfish, blue eye or deep dwelling cod, these little “beauties” will be a must for your tackle box.

Weighted at either 80g or 100g with twin stainless steel chemically sharpened hook, they are zinc coated for maximum penetration, longevity and durability.

The Octopus Jig has varying options that have been tried and tested but has proven to be dynamite on the snapper. Without fail we have had a fish on this jig nearly every trip !

We suggest adding a little bit of bait or attractive liquid if you want to increase their range. With a life-like design and masterful finish, you will almost want to pop one on the BBQ.

Try one today to increase your options to take that prized fish home.

Octopus 80g weighted / Red or Pink / Twin Stainless Steel Nickel Coated Chemically sharpened Hooks / Matching Artificial Skirt.

Octopus 100g weighted / Red or Orange Twin Stainless Steel Nickel Coated Chemically sharpened Hooks / Matching Artificial Skirt.

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